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There are several people who have had a great impact on our web site and the SatAM community as a whole, and we at Saturday Morning Sonic would like to thank them for everything they’ve done and continue to do.

The late Ben Hurst - While by no means the only writer on SatAM, Mr. Hurst was certainly the most well known and well respected by the fan community. He frequently talked with fans about the making of the show and what was planned for the lost third season, shared production materials like storyboards, and always demonstrated care for the characters and the unfinished SatAM story. His unexpected passing in August 2010 left a void in our community, but his stories will forever live on. Thanks for everything, Ben—the stories, the laughs, your generosity, and your kindness. You will be missed.

Ben Hurst memorial on FUS

Brian Ward and Shout! Factory - Even though fans would have been more than happy with any sort of official SatAM DVD release, Producer Brian Ward at Shout! Factory put the extra effort into making the long-awaited SatAM boxset release into something great. Mr. Ward spent months on the Fans United for SatAM message boards talking with fans, answering questions, and asking for input while he put together the DVDs, and remained in contact with fans even after its release. We thank you for hearing our cries and literally making our dream come true.

PorpoiseMuffins would like to personally thank:

Among many others: Ben Hurst for being so approachable and helpful whenever I had a question; Brian Ward for making the box set a reality and including all of us in the process; Alison S. for leading the charge for SatAM with FUS back in 2000 and being so supportive when SMS was just getting off the ground; E-122-Psi for the amazing artwork; SEGA-16 for the invaluable resource of SEGA interviews; dB Masters of HomeRecordingConnection.com for showing me what a decent admin should be; Elisto, Hazel, Neon, Gojira007 and Cyan for being the world's best moderator staff and great friends (and for keeping me in line); SoloWing; Thony Hedgehog; AmyRose82; Ronic; Rob (Depeche) wherever you are; Nuclear Envoy for being the first to dispel the "SEGASonic" myth; Svend from the Sonic Stadium; Nigel Kitching for all the info; Ian Flynn for the info and advice; The late Robert Leffler; Naoto Oshima for creating the hedgehog we all know and love; Len Janson for his work in developing the 90s Sonic story and cast; all the fans who came on board and understood what I was trying to do with this web site; God for letting me be a kid longer than is probably considered standard procedure; and my family and friends for putting up with my strange obsession (sort of).

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