PorpoiseMuffins - Founder, Editor, Administrator

PorpoiseMuffins is the creator and webmaster of Saturday Morning Sonic. A Sonic fan since 1991 at the age of 5, Porpoise's childhood obsession was reignited in 2005 with his rediscovery of the SatAM TV show. This led him to an interest in the early development of the Sonic franchise in the west. Mr. Muffins has written several articles dealing with this and other subjects relating to the character's western interpretations. His "real-life" pursuits include audio production and web design.

His username is derived from the awkward conjunction of two of the most ridiculous sounding words in the English language.

Elisto Dragonwings - Forum Moderator, Site Contributor

I fell in love with SatAM at age 8, and while I'm now a general Sonic fan, SatAM is still #1 for me. In real life, I have degrees in biology and philosophy and care about being logical and understanding. By becoming a moderator here on SMS, I hope to help create a Sonic community that is friendly, welcoming, and encourages respect between fans.

Hazel - Forum Moderator, Site Contributor

Neon Black - Forum Moderator

Neonus Blackicus is a nocturnal creature that is often found frequenting cool, dry places in the Australian outback and adheres to a strict diet of Victoria Bitter and rice crackers. NB has been a Sonic fan since his childhood days playing the original Sonic, but developed an interest in SatAM in late 2005, which has since overtaken his enthusiasm for other corners of the Sonic multiverse.

By day, Neon juggles roles in IT, finance and graphic design, while by night he juggles a seven-string Ibanez in between bouts of Doom and Quake, and the occasional dabble in recreational writing.

Gojira007 - Forum Moderator

A longtime fan of both Sonic the Hedgehog in general and SatAM in specific, Gojira007 is a moderator on Saturday Morning Sonic and the writer of Fans United For SatAM's "Sea3on" Fan-Comic. A graduating College student with his eye on a future in the world of comic books, he has always loved making artwork and telling stories, a passion which was directly inspired by the Sonic franchise, and is always thinking of new ideas to bring to life.

His username is derived from the original name of his favorite movie character (Godzilla) and the code-number for James Bond.

E-122-Psi - Artist

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