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This page contains a collection of Sonic merchandise and products based upon the the premise of the SatAM cartoon, or containing specific elements and characters from the series. All of the items pictured on this page feature the classic western characters and styles and are 100% officially liscenced by SEGA. While in recent years some have suggested that SatAM was little more than a one-off TV series with little connection to the larger world of Sonic, the images below tell a much different story.

Many of these images were obtained from eBay auctions throughout the years. If you're the owner of any of these images, please contact us so that we can credit you. We have built up this image collection over several years and unfortunately don't have the time to go back and locate the origin of each. By the same token, if you happen to have a better image of any of these products, please feel free to send them over! A special thanks goes out to our staff member, Elisto Dragonwings, for providing many images from her own collection. Many of these items are from Australia, specifically the now-defunct SEGAWorld Sydney that operated from 1997 to 2000.


The Archie comic book series is, of course, the most well known SatAM-related product outside of the television show itself. The book is still in publication today.





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