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Season 1

1. Heads or Tails (Series Pilot)
Written by Len Janson

Sonic goes to Robotropolis with Tails in tow to find some metal cotter pins for an arsenal of catapults the Freedom Fighters are building to ward off an invasion by Robotnik's buzzbombers.


2. Sonic Boom
Written by Len Janson

Sonic, Sally, Antoine, and another Freedom Fighter named “Cat” are on a mission in Robotropolis when Sally stumbles upon a lead that suggests that her father may still be alive. Sally and Antoine travel to Ironlock prison in the Dark Swamp to search for King Acorn. In the meantime, Sonic runs back to Robotropolis in an attempt to rescue Cat (who has been captured by Robotnik), but Cat warns him that Robotnik is following Sally’s every move. Sonic speeds through the Dark Swamp in search of Sally and Antoine.


3. Sonic and Sally
Written by Pat Allee and Ben Hurst

Princess Sally is captured during a mission to Robotropolis and Robotnik creates a robotic duplicate as a means of spying on and sabotaging the Freedom Fighters. When Sonic returns to save her and frees the robot instead, the entire Knothole team is fooled by the imposter with the exception of Tails, who is tipped off to her identity when she fails to give him the “funny kiss” and read him his bedtime story correctly.


4. Ultra Sonic
Written by David Villaire

Sonic finds his Uncle Chuck (previously roboticized by Robotnik) after a failed mission in Robotropolis. Using a Power Ring, Sonic is able to temporarily restore his uncle’s memory. After coming to his senses, he informs the Freedom Fighters of Robotnik’s latest plan. Together, he and the team fight to bring down the threat, shortly after which Chuck loses his memory and, in an emotional scene, Sonic must again come to terms with the loss of his Uncle.


5. Sonic and the Secret Scrolls
Written by Janis Diamond

Using a biplane they constructed themselves, the Freedom Fighters embark on a mission to the mountains of Mobius to find the legendary secret scrolls before Robotnik gets to them first. After finding the scrolls, the team finds themselves in a face to face confrontation with Robotnik, himself.


6. Super Sonic
Written by Jules Dennis

On a mission to Robotropolis, Sally unintentionally stumbles into the “Forbidden Zone,” the resting place of the powerful wizard, Lazar. After learning that Robotnik desires to retrieve Lazar’s computer of magic spells and use them for his own evil purposes, Sonic races to the Forbidden Zone in an attempt to reach the wizard first. Sonic arrives at Lazar’s lair, but finds that Robotnik has already stolen the spells. Lazar awakens and, thinking that Sonic was the thief who stole his computer, captures him in a bubble and takes his speed. Sonic must now retrieve Lazar’s computer—but without the advantage of the one thing he has always used to boost his image and define his own self-worth: his trademark supersonic speed.


7. Sonic Racer
Written by Len Janson

Robotnik holds a race in Robotropolis in a bid to lure Sonic into a trap. Despite Sally’s pleading to the contrary, Sonic insists on participating. Unfortunately, Robotnik has rigged the race and Sonic must forfeit the crown when the other Freedom Fighters get into a pinch and have to call on him for help.


8. Harmonic Sonic
Written by David Villaire

Robotnik launches a spy satellite in an effort to locate Knothole Village, the Freedom Fighters' hidden base. Sonic and Rotor sneak onto the satellite in a mission to destroy its spy sensors and protect the location of their home.


9. Hooked on Sonics
Written by Randy Rogel

Antoine, jealous of the relationship he sees growing between Sonic and Sally, goes after Robotnik alone in an attempt to impress the Princess and earn her love and respect. He uses a power ring to get Robotnik’s attention, but inevitably gets captured, himself. When Sonic comes to rescue Antoine, Robotnik uses the ring to track him with pinpoint accuracy.


10. Sonic's Nightmare
Written by Frank Santopadre

Sonic has a recurring nightmare personifying his personal fears of inadequacy in which Sally is roboticized while repeating the line, "Where were you when the brains were handed out?" Sonic is later forced to confront his paralyzing fears when Robotnik attacks the island of Nimbus with acid clouds and Sally, Bunnie, and Antoine are captured by Swatbots.


11. Warp Sonic
Written by Matt Uitz

A goat named Griff, claiming to be a Freedom Fighter from the underground city of Lower Mobius, rescues Sonic, Sally, and Antoine after being cornered on a mission to Robotropolis. Griff gives the Freedom Fighters a tour of the city and reveals to them that the city’s power source is in danger of failing. In addition, the city is threatened by Robotnik’s “Ratbots.” When Griff sees Sonic using a Power Ring against the bots, he expresses great interest in their power. Griff brings Sonic, Sally, and Antoine back to Knothole Village, but when he turns the key to leave he pretends that the engine won’t start. Sally suggests he spend the night in Knothole and fix the machine the next morning. During the night Griff steals the power ring generator to use as a power source for Lower Mobius. When Sonic finds out he quickly suspects Griff (he has been jealous of Sally’s perceived interest in him all along) and speeds off to Lower Mobius to settle the score.


12. Sub Sonic
Written by Barbara Slade

Robotnik drills for underground oil deposits and poisons the water in Knothole in the process. In search of a special water that causes plants to grow at an accelerated speed, the Freedom Fighters journey to an underground lair guarded by a kraken monster where they begin disappearing one by one.


13. Sonic Past Cool
Written by Kayte Kuch & Sheryl Scarborough

Tails befriends a baby dinosaur in the woods after he fails to find anyone else who isn’t too busy to play dirt hockey with him. When the rest of the team finds out, they try to return the baby to its mother and end up helping an entire heard of the dinosaurs navigate through the Great Jungle, all the while fighting off the advances of Robotnik.

Season 2

1. Game Guy
Written by Pat Allee and Ben Hurst

The Freedom Fighters save a mysterious new character, Ari the Ram, from attack by a group of Robotnik's Swatbots. Ari informs the Knothole team that he is also a Freedom Fighter, but that Robotnik has captured his fellow team members and is holding them in a guarded fortress. Sonic jumps at the chance to help out, while Sally remains suspicious of Ari's claims. After Sonic leaves to help, the rest of the team learns that the Swatbot chase was staged and Sonic is being lured into a trap. Before they can get to him, Sonic finds himself facing Robotnik while trapped inside a giant pinball machine, complete with an open portal to the Void.


2. Sonic Conversion
Written by Pat Allee and Ben Hurst

The Freedom Fighters build a deroboticizer to use on Bunnie and Uncle Chuck, but the effects are only temporary. Chuck loses his free will and returns to Robotropolis with Tails and Antoine, but Sonic comes to their aid and is able to help his uncle permanantly regain control over his mind. Chuck decides to stay in Robotropolis as a spy.


3. Blast to the Past Part 1
Written by Ben Hurst

Sonic and Sally go to a floating island to find the Time Stones, allowing them to transport back in time to the day Robotnik took over Mobius. When they arrive they meet up with their younger selves and warn Sir Charles and King Acorn of the impending crisis, only to discover that they are too late.


4. Blast to the Past Part 2
Written by Ben Hurst

Sonic and Sally rescue the future Freedom Fighters from the roboticizer and escape back to the future. Nothing has changed except that Rosy the nanny has survived and now lives with the team in Knothole.


5. No Brainer
Written by Pat Allee

Sonic is brainwashed by Snively during a rescue attempt in Robotropolis. Snively gets Sonic to tell him the coordinates to Knothole Village to stage an attack, but his plans are foiled when Sally restores Sonic’s memory and he turns the brainwasher on Snively.


6. Fed up with Antoine / Ghost Busted
Written by Len Jansen and Pat Allee

Pair of 15 minute episodes focusing on Antoine. The first is about Antoine asking Bunnie to teach him "marshmellow" arts and getting captured by a band of heyenas. The second is about a ghost story Sonic scares Tails and Antoine with while camping out in the Great Forest.


7. Dulcy
Written by Pat Allee and Ben Hurst

Dulcy is summoned to the dragon mating ground as Robotnik seeks to roboticize the remainder of her species. Sonic and Sally follow Dulcy only to discover Robotnik capturing one of the mother dragons. They retrieve the dragon's egg and bring it back to Knothole. Sonic and Sally save the mother dragon and reunite it with the newly hatched baby.


8. The Void
Written by Ben Hurst

Sonic finds an unusual ring while running through The Great Unknown. After returning to Knothole and showing the strange artifact to Sally and the gang, he heads off to visit Uncle Chuck, who informs him of Robotnik's Doomsday Project. Meanwhile, Sally and Bunnie get zapped into The Void by the ring Sonic discovered. When Sonic returns to Knothole, he finds only Sally's computer, Nicole. Fearing the worst, Sonic faces Robotnik and is sucked into The Void as well where he runs into some familiar faces...


9. The Odd Couple / Ro-Becca
Written by Len Jansen and Pat Allee

The send pair of 15 minute episodes focusing on Antoine. The first is about Antoine having to share his hut with Sonic after Dulcy crashes into and destroys Sonic's, and the second is about a lovesick robot created by Rotor that chases Sonic and Antoine.


10. Cry of the Wolf
Written by Pat Allee

Sonic and company finally make contact with another Royal Freedom Fighter group known as the "Wolf Pack," led by Lupe the wolf. The two teams join together to fight one of Robotnik's Doomsday test pods.


11. Drood Henge
Written by Ben Hurst

Sonic and Tails team up in order to thwart Robotnik's scheme to find the magical Deep Power Stones. Tails’s clever plan earns him the distinction of becoming an official Freedom Fighter.


12. Spy Hog
Written by Ben Hurst

Robotnik suspects that there is a spy in Robotropolis and Uncle Chuck finds himself increasingly at risk. Antoine and Chuck are captured by Robotnik and must be rescued by Sonic.


13. The Doomsday Project (Season/Series Finale)
Written by Ben Hurst

Freedom fighters from across Mobius must band together to battle against Robotnik's Doomsday Project pods. Unfortunately, only the Knothole Villiage team evades capture and Sonic rushes to Robotropolis in an emotional fury, ready to take on the device by himself. He rigs the control room with explosives, but discovers that the room is indestructable. Robotnik captures Sonic and puts him in the roboticizor, only to be outsmarted when Sonic pulls three power rings out of his backpack, repelling the machine's power and causing the entire system to melt down. In desperation, Sonic and Sally decide to use the Deep Power Stones to attempt to annihilate Doomsday. The captured Freedom Fighters escape Robotropolis and Robotnik attempts to escape the blast by hovercraft. Snively is left behind, but rides an escape elevator he built himself to safety underground. Sonic and Sally celebrate their victory with a kiss in front of the combined team of Freedom Fighters, and the ending scene depicts Snively re-emerging from the elevator, followed by two mysterious red-eyes staring from behind…

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