Editorial: "The Most Famous Fastest Hedgehog Alive In The World"
1/11 - Written by Mercury
Can "The Most Famous Hedgehog in the World" be reconciled with "The Fastest Thing Alive?" Mercury speaks his mind on the myth of Sonic purity—and he speaks from experience.

Article: The Evolution of the Freedom Fighters
11/10 - Written by PorpoiseMuffins
A look into the origin and development of the Freedom Fighter characters, beginning—believe it or not—with Sonic 1 on the Sega Genesis.

Article: The Mobius Fallacy
11/10 - Written by Mercury
Did "Mobius" come from a mistranslated Yuji Naka interview? Mercury debunks the myth.

Article: The Great Sonic Continuity Debate
11/10 - Written by PorpoiseMuffins
Would the real Sonic continuity please stand up? An in-depth look into the conflict over Sonic canon and where SatAM fits into the picture. Updated!

Resource: Ben's Notes
9/10 - By Quexinos
Quexinos, FUS Founder and a close friend of the late Ben Hurst, shares some of what might have been had he been given the chance to continue the saga.

Interview: Mark Ballou - "I am the Walrus"
3/08 - Conducted by Hayley Deakin
Hayley Deakin speaks with Mark Ballou, the original voice of Rotor Walrus on SatAM!

Editorial: Why Robotnik is a Great Villain
6/07 - Written by Rookie Reaves
An insightful analysis of Dr. Julian Robotnik's character, including an interesting look at the hero/villain dynamic and what made "Buttnik's" SatAM portrayal unique.

Resource: Ben Hurst on SatAM
8/06, Updated 11/10 - Compiled by PorpoiseMuffins
An archive of thoughts from SatAM writer Ben Hurst.

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