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"He's The Fastest Thing Alive!"Welcome to Saturday Morning Sonic! SMS is an award-winning fan site dedicated to the 1993-1995 ABC Saturday morning cartoon series, Sonic the Hedgehog, created by DiC Entertainment and based on SEGA's popular game series.

The Complete Series DVDDubbed "SatAM" by its devoted fanbase, Sonic the Hedgehog is known for its darker atmosphere, story arcs, and characterization that set it apart from the Saturday morning norm. The series followed SEGA's spiky blue mascot and the rest of the Knothole Village Freedom Fighters as they fought to free their planet, Mobius, from the clutches of the malevolent dictator and robo-scientist, Dr. Robotnik; a compelling story about the struggle for freedom over tyranny in the face of all odds that inspired a generation of fans.

After overthrowing the king of Mobius in a ruthless coup d��tat, Dr. Robotnik (voiced by Jim Cummings) converted the once beautiful and peaceful city of Mobotropolis into "Robotropolis," a polluted wasteland of factories, smog, and mechanized workforces. Most of the citizens of Mobius were captured and systematically transformed into robotic slaves—fed one-by-one into the "Roboticizer," a machine capable of mutating flesh into metal.

The Freedom FightersThe Freedom Fighters were a small, unlikely group of young heroes who had escaped Robotnik and found refuge in Knothole, a village hidden deep within the Great Forest. Among them was the witty-tongued and speed-obsessed Sonic the Hedgehog (Jaleel White), the king's own daughter, Princess Sally (Kath Soucie), and a young two-tailed fox named Tails (Bradley Pierce). It was there in Knothole Village—even in the midst of waging a guerrilla war against Robotnik—that the Freedom Fighters lived out their youths and built up a family of close-knit relationships, never giving up hope that they would one day reclaim their planet and return their families and friends to their former selves.

SatAM was part of a Saturday morning cartoon "renaissance" that peaked in the early-to-mid 1990s, a period now recognized for its wealth of traditional American children's animation. The term “SatAM” (Saturday Morning) was originally used by fans to distinguish the series from its more 'zany' weekday counterpart, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and has since become synonymous with the show. Though there are hundreds of Saturday morning cartoons (including the more recent anime Sonic adaption, Sonic X), there is only one “SatAM.” Simply and appropriately titled, Sonic the Hedgehog is esteemed by many fans and critics alike as the character's most successful foray into television.

"I hate that hedgehog!"The goal of Saturday Morning Sonic is twofold: to provide an informative resource that stands as a lasting tribute to the series and its portrayal of Sonic's world, and to create a welcoming community environment that unites fans of SatAM and breaks down barriers that often separate SatAM from the larger Sonic community. I encourage everyone to take a look around, refresh your memory, learn some little-known SatAM facts, check out some of our unique feature articles, enjoy some rare SatAM media, and spend some time chatting with other fans in the forums.

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